Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 7. Emergency.

Psalm 86:7
When I am in distress I call to you,
because you answer me.

I think this verse is pretty simple. I kinda wish the first word was "if" and not "when." But I think if that were the case, God would be like a fire extinguisher. He would sit there, maybe on the wall, maybe in our trunk, and he would go totally unnoticed until there was an emergency, and only then would we look for him. I'll be damned if God lives in a box that says, "Pray in case of emergency."

The verse says that God answers when we're going through crap. Agree? Disagree? I don't know if I can testify to the truth of this verse... I know people who have been asking God for help for a while now, and they're still struggling. There is no timeframe given with this verse. It doesn't say, "because you answer me in 5 minutes" or "within the month" or even "before your 80th birthday."
That scares me. It's so cliche to say that God works on his own time, but dangit, it's true. It's another one of those beautiful letdowns that God decided to make. A letdown because we have to go through so much crap, beautiful because God will soon flush it down.