Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 10. Miracle.

Psalm 86:10
For you are great and do marvelous deeds;
you alone are God.

When's the last time you saw God do a marvelous deed?

I think it depends on your perspective... Some would say that it's a marvelous deed that we woke up this morning. Others would say that it's pretty marvelous that we have food to eat and a roof over our heads. Still others would say that they've never seen God work any kind of marvelous deed.

From previous posts, you may already know of my fascination with "marvelous deeds" or miracles. And I think this verse fits in the with the rest of the passage so far... that understanding God as "great" and as able to do marvelous deeds is contingent upon our being poor and needy (v1), trusting (v2,4), able to cry mercy (v6), and willingness to sacrifice (v9). If we feel like we have no need to have these things, then God has no need to work any miracles.

And I think the last part of the verse just kinda sums it all up. God is the only one who's God, regardless of whether I'm poor and needy or filled with joy. And the God that I curse and question in my spiritual lows is the same God that I thank and worship in my spiritual highs...

...Ok this post just kinda rambled on, but the question I have is
What kind of marvelous deeds has God done for you? What kind of marvelous deeds do you want to see God do?

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