Saturday, September 5, 2009

I fuckin love Jesus!

So I used to cuss a lot. Like, a lot a lot. It was fun. I think it all started because I really loved to listen to Puff Daddy back in like 2nd grade, and so maybe his language and gangsta swagga stuck with me. I remember my friend got me the No Way Out cd on my 8th or 9th birthday and my mom made me return it because it had the parental advisory sticker on it. Laaaame.They don't make music like that anymore...
And then there were those days I would go to my best friend's house and that's when I would release a fury of swear words because his family was cool with it (they were white haha). And that kept going until like 5th grade when email started getting big and I would send my friends emails saturated in 4letter words. Twas a fun time indeed. Until I found out that their parents read their emails and then I got in trouble.
And then somewhere between then and college I decided that Jesus didn't like my swearing, as if to say, "Well dang Jesus, you left your glory in heaven, you lowered yourself to a man, you became a slave to people, you lived like a hobo, you died a humiliating death meant for criminals and I, nathan lee, SHALL REPAY YOU!!! ... by not swearing anymore!"

I think some Christians are convinced that a changed life consists of not swearing, not drinking, and not dressing all hoochie. And even for those people who look at that last statement and say, "Why, dear me, that is indubitably not I!" you may still pass judgment when you see Christians act in ways that don't match up to the church-made list of do's and don'ts. Christianity isn't about rules. Christianity can't be about rules. If it is, then I'm wasting my time. Following a list of rules doesn't seem like a cause worth giving your life to. Jesus told us to be free. I think I'm down with that. It's a much higher, better, but also a much more costly call.
What makes a believer holy? What should Christians be known for? They say it's love. The title of this post is "I fuckin love Jesus." Yes, I'll admit, it's a bit sensationalist. I apologize. Kinda. But the Fword is good at adding emphasis. In fact, I personally believe that it might be the best word in the English dictionary for this purpose. So then, shouldn't this represent what Christians are all about? Loving Jesus to the highest degree? You may disagree. Of course there's all this complication about causing people to stumble, giving Christians a bad rep, yes yes. But I think the soul of our purpose remains--we gotta love people. Love em the most we fucking can.