Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 5. Grace.

Psalm 86:5
You are forgiving and good, O Lord,
abounding in love for all who call to you.

Let's just say it. David was an effed up guy. I wikipedia-ed him the other day and that crap just kinda bothered me. The guy had hecka wives, his kids were idiots and pervs (I'm not judgmental), and of course, he was an adulterous murderer. Maybe I'm not seeing things right, but it kinda bothers me that this is a guy, chosen by God, who supposedly has a very tight relationship with God, and he does all this stupid stuff... I thought once you had the relationship with God, it got easier not to sin.

With David, we see the grace of God at its finest. It annoys me almost, that someone like David could know God so deeply, because his actions obviously didn't deserve it.

I have yet to understand that kind of intimacy, but I definitley understand the guilt and shame that comes with falling short of the Christian standard.

We are all effed up people with effed up tendencies and we are desperately in need of God's grace.

Sometimes I don't believe in it. Sometimes I forget that ALL of God's wrath and anger and disappointment was put onto his son. Sometimes I feel like I'm too unclean to even pray or talk to God, but this verse tells me that there is no condemnation. God is abounding in love for all--the sinners, the hypocrites, the liars, the pot-smokers, the shop-lifters, the porn-lovers, the greedy, the selfish, the pervs... even a guy like Nate Lee.

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my favorites are Brian Welch and Nate Larkin

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