Thursday, December 4, 2008


I know what you're thinking, and yes, i had to change the name of the blog. As much as i loved pretending to be a true azn gangsta, it simply wasn't true. Maybe in 6th grade. But these days, i'm past that foolish childsplay. I probably had about 10 friends with emails or SNs like trueaznboi or lilaznshorty or some crap like that. I refuse to stoop that low. So i just decided to go with my standard aim sn. Legit.
Now on to more important things. Much love to everyone who dropped a comment yesterday. Especially to hlebain who gave me two. Unfortuately she commented the exact same thing twice, which leads me to believe she didn't even read my blog and just sent a generic comment and then accidentally sent it again. Disgusting. I'm sad there are no e-props on blogspot. Disappointing indeed. Now how will i know how much props i got? Mad props? No props? This is ridiculous. Nonetheless, keep dropping by to say hi. I will do my best to write well. No promises though.

What a coincidence! The title of this blog is Genesis and dorm ministry has been studying the book of Genesis this semester! Dang that's tight. We (myself included) have been learning a lot about what it means to run away from God only to have him bring us back to what's important. So, though i've been away from the blogging game for awhile now, i have been mercifully called back to online journaling. What a great Biblical analogy.
The reason i wanted to start this blog is because i have a whole smorgasbord of thoughts, questions, and experiences that i want to share. Things like life, God, sports, home, food, clothes, friends, happiness :), sadness :(, and things of the sort. Is that hecka girly? Shoot. I don't really have feelings though, so don't expect much in that category. But i do have opinions and complaints and questions. That should suffice. One thing that i've been learning about a lot this past semester is transparency. What a better way to live in that vulnerability than to make a blog, right? I know. Hecka smart. But in order for this to work, we (me and you, the reader) need to make a Covenant. Dang this whole Genesis analogy is working wonders. Anyway, the covenant is: i, nathan jin lee, shall be completely honest, raw, uncensored, and transparent in this blog if you, __________ (insert name) shall read it. Yee!


shhhlebain said...

shooot. what's with all the hate?? haha. i commented twice because the second one had a link to my blog. haha. and i DID read it. and i read this one too. legit stuff. haha. i'm looking forward to it. encourages me to keep up with mine too. thanks nate!

becky said...


ktmak said...

you're hecka girlie nate lee! what what! jk. nice job on the blogging....that was quite intriguing and it kept me on my toes every second of it.

iamkatinthehat said...

who said blogger doesn't have e-props, this is my e-prop :D

but for reaaaaaaaals props, because i've been thinking about making my online journal thingy public for like the last..gazillion years, but it still hasn't gotten there yet. so gold star for being vulnerable and honest.