Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Christmas Poem

Written December 13, 2005...

Now put the picture in your mind of a time; rewind centuries behind to an era where a young couple would stumble into the rubble of a place not so kind.
The rise of the mind that would set down the crown and let the beautiful letdown resound.
He was found by the kings, angels gathered round. The sounds of stories told by prophets centuries-old unfold before eyes no more than one year old.
What could we withhold from this child given gold who would hold a much greater treasure; a miracle beyond measure who would weather the storm.
But severed and torn, worn by the war fought between Satan and Lord. Blatant and forward, they struck with the sword to your side. Poured out the soul and you died. Wide-eyed, they surveyed the place where you gave up in grace for mankind.
But now free from danger, asleep in a manger. A stranger walks in and wouldn't believe if I laid the decree that this baby would one day die for me.


becky said...

yay i like poems. i used to write them for people.. cept we called them raps. i used to be a good rapper. i shall write you one someday

maria said...

it's from your xanga, isn't it? IT IS!