Saturday, December 20, 2008


So I dont know if I came and visited you or if you happened to see me on the streets or if you just saw the pictures, but let me announce it once again: I, Nate Lee, donned the azn bowlcut for the world to see. I shall let these pictures do the talking:
Yes. Please refrain from commenting on how beautiful it is, I dont want to get cocky. But yes, you are correct, it looks pretty freakin good. I was pretty much convinced on how ridiculously good looking I was when I walked out of my apartment and two frat boys slowed down in their car to laugh at me. Props to Jackie Hang for this glorious achievement.
One thing that was especially interesting was going out shopping for a couple hours with the bowlcut in all its glory for everyone to see. I felt like I was on one of those shows where someone dresses up in a fatsuit and sees how poorly they're treated. I remember a Tyra Banks episode where that happened haha. Oh Tyra. But really, I dont think I've ever been so self conscious in public. I mean, look at the back of my head... that thing is disgusting. Whenever someone was walking behind us, I had to pull my collar up a little bit. Oh, and not to mention my so-called "friends" that Jackie and I visited who just laughed at me. Terrible.
After a little while, I went back home, got the clippers, and let Becky do some damage control. So, yeah, the bowlcut is officially gone and will probably never ever make a comeback. Ever. If this haircut has taught me anything, it's that, with all the 3 stooges comparisons,and with this guy (yes, it's a guy) as a template for my haircut,I'm probably better off with a generic hairstyle, even if it does draw less attention. I think this will go down as a good memory and a fun story to tell, but I would never do it again. I'm surprised I had the balls to do it in the first place. Funny how some things start out as jokes and then turn into reality... be careful what you wish for, right? Reminds me of sophomore year in high school when I agreed to shave my head on the last day of school...I guess my judgment has not changed much... that was a poor decision.
Moral of the Story: Image is not everything. In this world of materialism and $330 Jordans (which I am no longer buying from Sammy), it's easy to get caught up in trends, even when they're not YOU. Am I giving into the hype? Maybe. Where is my identity? In the way people perceive me? Or in the way I am loved and accepted by God DESPITE me? Bowlcut, shaved head, materialistic, attention-seeker, sinner... People might laugh at me while they pass by in their cars, but the approval of Someone Else means much more. Be blessed.


Oliver said...

hey nate, lol this entry was ridiculously funny, oh man i wish you walked into small group sportin that 'do but laughter aside, your blog is legit, i really enjoy readin it, keep on writin, and here are some *mad props* for you, peace :)

becky said...

i like cowlicks.

junexkim said...

hahah i love the post. complete with pictures and all! :)