Thursday, December 4, 2008


So are blogs the new in thing? Because i remember when xanga was the shizz and i used to write essays in that crap like the whole world was reading it. And now i have returned to the blogging game. I am TrueAznGangsta. Except i'm an educated gangsta (which is actually an oxymoron). Nonetheless, i will live up to this name. I promise you, my blogs shall be every bit true, azn, and staight up gangsta. I'm good on my word.
So yeah anyway, i made this because i have thoughts and complaints and feelings running around and about in the dome and they need to escape. Though i currently have a 10pg paper due soon and a nice plate of rice and leftover turkey in front of me that needs to be eaten, i shall write in this here blog. I'll probably spend more time in it during Christmas break. It's coming up!
Oh yeah one more thing, my roommate Vansen keeps listening to that Beyonce song. I think it's called "If i were a boy" because that's the line he keeps singing. I'm not sure what i think about all this. It makes me uncomfortable. Maybe i should say something. What would a trueazngangsta do? He'd probably say something. And then call up his homeboys and their brothers. Well, i'll avoid confrontation for tonight. Vansen, i love you.
Well, tell your friends about me. Check back regularly. Stay classy, san diego.


shhhlebain said...

cuuteee :)

Ariel said...

i love that song!!!

shhhlebain said...

cuuteee :)

iamkatinthehat said...

HAHAH natelee you crack me up.

lindakins said...

oh i will stay classy thanks n8.