Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not Good

In Genesis chapter 2, we see the first declaration of something deemed "not good" by God. The not-good thing was that Adam was alone. We were created to be in relationship.
Have you ever had one of those times where something kinda funny happens, and maybe you chuckle a little to yourself for a few seconds, but then you see your other friend who's laughing like a fool, and you just start laughing because they're laughing? And then both of you laugh even more because both of you are laughing like idiots? And then you say something like, "I was only laughing because you were laughing! Ha ha ha ha so funny" (ok maybe not exactly like that) ... Or have you ever cried because you saw someone else crying? Maybe with your friend, or even because you saw a character cry in a movie? ... Have you ever watched a kid spin in circles and then say, "whoa kid, you're making me dizzy!" (quite the foolish comment, but we all say it) ...
I was just thinking today... emotions are supposed to be shared. Even if we just see someone grieving, we might start crying. Even if we just see someone laughing, we might start laughing. God made us this way, to share in our experiences and feelings, even if we don't know exactly what the other person is going through. I think it was a good idea.

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maria said...

i think so too.