Monday, January 12, 2009

I realize that most of my posts are kinda ranty. Cynical sometimes. Critical maybe? Recently, my posts have been in the habit of making many promises or declarations of things I am trying to change. How many of these convictions will actually come to fruition? How many will wither and be forgotten?
I was just thinking about this blog and I guess I wanna just apologize if any of it seems like I'm coming from a high up place. I just wanted this thing to be a place where I could voice my thoughts. Where I could be open and transparent and hopefully encouraging. I'm not quite sure if I've accomplished that.
I just wanna set the record straight that I have so little figured out... about life, faith, etc. As a Christian, I am the Wayne Gretzky of all hypocrites. In other words, as Arnold Palmer is to golf, I am to hypocrisy. Put plainly, if hypocrisy was like hurdling, I am Liu Xiang. In essence, I am a big, fat, hairy hypocrite who towers over all other hypocrites.
But I am searching for this God who came to heal the sick. And I know just enough about him to know if I'm getting the real version of him or not. I invite you to join me on this search. It could get ugly.

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