Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Cool

A couple years ago I asked my friend, "Do you think there is such a thing as a serious, hardcore Christian who can still be popular at school?" I guess I was thinking about all my friends in high school who had potty mouths(what a ridiculous picture), who started drinking and smoking weed,
And I just thought, well heck, if this is what being cool is all about, then I got myself a real dilemma. Because I was trying to take my faith to the next level, but I still had to be cool, yadida? I mean, even this year, someone said to me, "You know, I had never really known any Christians who dressed well until I joined Intervarsity." Me being the idiot I am, took it as a compliment. I guess my question is, if Jesus came back today and chilled with this modern society for a little while, what would he look like? What would he wear? How would people treat him? What if Jesus was a student at your college?
We always picture Jesus wearing the nice little Jesusrobe and with the beard and stuff, because, well, that's how people dressed back in the day (except, contrary to popular belief, Jesus was Middle Eastern, not white) But would Jesus really dress like everyone else? Today's equivalent: jeans, tshirt, a pair of Vans maybe? I kinda doubt it. My boy John the Baptist wore a freakin camel hair fit and ate locusts. Like wtf. Would Jesus be liked by others? Probably some. But for sure there would be people who hated him. I wonder if Jesus enjoyed memorizing the Torah (like all Jewish boys had to do). Would Jesus get good grades? Would Jesus even be in school? In the Bible Jesus is a carpenter, as was tradition to take up the father's trade. So, since all kiddies go to school these days, would Jesus be a student? Go through all that middle and high school drama? Would Jesus be good at sports?
What clubs would Jesus have joined? The Christian club? Jesus wasn't even Christian! Wtfreak. The Jewish club, then? I wonder if Jesus had any hobbies besides... carpentry. Or if Jesus had a bff that came over to his house. I wonder if Jesus ever played any pranks on anyone. Did Jesus ever get bored? What was I even talking about before?
Oh yeah, if Christians can be cool or popular. Well, I've been rereading the book of Matthew with the intent of just seeing what kind of person Jesus was. And I guess I'm starting to see how counter-cultural he was and how counter-cultural my response has to be. I'm not gonna lie, I love me a nice pair of shoes, or a nice $200 jacket that I bought last month, but I'm beginning to question whether my efforts to be "cool" or fashionable are good for me, or if I'm just storing up treasures on earth that moths and rust will destroy (matt 6:19). The answer is obvious. And plus, that money can go somewhere. I can actually make a difference with the money I have... So, as a Bible-believing Christian, how do I dress? Where do I put my money? Am I willing to put an end to my Hypebeast ways for the sake of the Gospel?
Ok, so I was never really a hypebeast (, but is it bad that I wanna be cool? Popular? Can these desires coexist with desires to see God glorified? Is Jesus calling me to lay down my skinny jeans to follow him? Isn't the ability for someone to express who they are through style or dress a gift from God?
I am beginning to develop a fascination with an uncomfortable Christianity. BUT that fascination has yet to manifest itself in bold footprints in my life. I wanna make changes in a lot of places, but change has to start in myself first.


Tim said...

1/10 of your money goes to church. that's where it is suppose to be. the 9/10 of your money, just don't do evil with it.

I think the reason why the person made that statement how people in IV doesn't dress well is because, in my opinion, we as Christians don't put dressing up as our priority. Sure, dressed up as lookable but not to extent to stand out or to be different.

Among what kind of people do you want to be popular with? The druggies? Or among the people of IV? Or everyone? To become popular, you'll have to please a lot of people. Whether to smoke pot with them, or to party with them, or be the same club as them, you have to please them somehow. However, usually the easiest way to please someone is to be "cool" and "radical" such as doing a lot of drugs or party hardcore. You can ask, why can't praying out loud in the courtyard be a radical thing to do and please them? But that's just not how our society works is it?

trueazngangsta said...

hey tim (again haha). i am hesitant to make the 1/10 rule the bottom line of tithing and giving away money. im sure you would agree with me that the heart plays a huge part, and jesus scolded the pharisees who gave 1/10 of their mint but did not show justice to the poor (which may involve more money given away, but not necessarily). and of course the example of the rich young ruler, who was told to give away ALL of his money and possessions.
im not sure about all of this. and i really appreciate your opinion. i guess my thought process in terms of buying clothes and stuff is that, as a socially conscious christian, it seems contradictory to claim that you care about social justice and things like ending poverty, and then you buy some nice clothes. not to say a well-dressed christian is beyond salvation, that would be stupid. i know a good number of christians who make dressing well a big priority in their lives. i am struggling with this a lot. jesus obviously doesnt condone materialism, so i think im trying to figure out where the line is drawn.
and the whole thing about being cool... i think you hit it on the spot if i understand correctly, that many things that the Kingdom of God represents just "isnt how our society works." and therein lies the issue i think. i just think the call of christ is to go against the grain to the point of even leaving our friends and family. i dunno how cool this is...? it's just been something that i've thought about.

Lazy Punk said...


so seeing as I just started reading your blog, and because there's so many of them, I've only read a little bit of this blog. Just the short part about how you wish you knew more about how Jesus was. What clubs he would be in? if he had a bff, or if he ever played pranks. I, too, have also been very curious about that. I wish I knew more about him in life. When he was growing up. As a toddler, as an 8-year-old, as a teenager, or early 20yo. who did he hang out with?

I wish I knew more about him