Sunday, February 22, 2009

Be careful what you blog about...

...Because God freakin reads this crap. Hi God :)

So like, if you're an avid Real Talk reader, then you may recall certain posts like, "We Believe" (about miracles) and the followup to that post, "God Hears Me!" If you have not read those, it would behoove you to peruse them quickly (SAT word usage points holla!). This post is similar in such that it is a followup of the previous post, "Knuck If You Buck." At the end of that post you, being the observant avid reader that you are, may recall that I said something to the effect of "I need to work on my LCA (Loving Christian Approach to confrontation)." Well, it is with great honor and privilege that I announce to you this simultaneously fortunate and unfortunate news: God gave me another opportunity to do that today. Sigh... I mean, yay.

So my homeboy and I needed to go back home (Frisco Reppizzent!) today for church and I needed to pick up my sexy new guitar casefrom Dan ( So we get to the bart station and we're waiting for the train to come, and like three or four gangstas come up to us and start talking to us (bad sign). From experience, when gangstas are up to no good, they always ask you questions like, "Where you from?" "Where you going?" or, in Clay's case, "Do you have a wallet?" haha. But anyways, these guys are hovering around us and you just get that bad feeling in your gut like, Dang I just wanna go to a safe place. Eventually the train comes and we hop on one car while the gangstas hop on the adjacent one. I'm thinking Whew. Ok, they're on a different car, we're good. Sike! They walk on over to our car, sit in the seats surrounding us and start being annoying. For me and my friend, this is just miserable. After a minute or so, we get pocket checked.
Now, I've been pocket checked before. I still remember when me and my homeboy Tim decided to go to Popeyes in the Fillmore (/Fillmo!) after school one day in sophomore year. Stupid idea. Then when we get our chicken, we decide to eat on a bench on the sidewalk. Even stupider idea. Yeah. Let's just say I lost about twenty bucks that day. Not fun. So I was having flashbacks of that while these guys were messing with us today.
But anyways, one of the guys comes up next to me and tells me to empty my pockets. With my best tough face on I reply, "I don't got nothing for you man." He grabs his belt as if he's gonna pull out a weapon or something, but you can kinda tell it's an act, and he keeps talking crap. Luckily, we get to the next stop and me and my friend stand up to leave. With some shoving and a few unkind words, we're outta there. They don't follow us. We kinda laugh it off, but we're a little shaken up. I guess I'm just glad that things didn't end up worse.

But like, I dunno wtfreak is going on here. Like, is it just coincidence that this happened today? Or is there something going on here that I don't know about... So like, God, if you happen to be reading this right now, I just wanna let you know that you're cool and all, and yes, I do like it when you answer prayers, but... yknow... cmon now. When I pray to be challenged and put in uncomfortable situations, maaayybeee you could ease up a bit on those... yeah.
Ok, I don't really believe that, and I do still hope that God challenges me to help me grow. But dang, this past morning sucked big ones. And like, the question remains: how do you love people like that? ... those who are out to get you for no good reason. I know that I have Jesus as my example, but it's just so dang difficult. Maybe I'm just an angry person haha... Sigh. I think I just have to work on my loving. Join me, will you?

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iamkatinthehat said...

This TOTALLY didn't come up at lunch today. Way to skip out on all the interesting stuff. Jay kay, I now know your entire future, that's interesting too.. :p ... :D