Friday, November 13, 2009

On Adventures...

I have this desire in me. I'm not exactly sure where it came from, but it keeps coming up. I really wish that I had a car here in Berkeley. Preferably, a Prius (gas money be ridiculous!). This is a completely selfish desire because I don't want it for any conventional purposes... not to buy groceries for our apartment, not to get to Tolman (although it would be nice), and most definitely not for ministry purposes (no offense anyone). Negatory. I would want the car in Berkeley one reason only: to go on adventures.
Yes, adventures. Spontaneous adventures. Spontaneous adventures to random places. Spontaneous adventures to random far away places. Spontaneous adventures to random far away places with cool people... ok that's enough. But think about it, wouldn't that be frakkin tight (I never say that in real life)? Let's say I'm not doing anything this weekend (which would never happen, thank you shepherd's team meetings) and I have no major assignments coming up (or at least none that I choose to acknowledge), then what shall I do that weekend? Why, go to Reno of course!! Don't feel like Reno? Ok, how about Magic Mountain? Or to the desert to look at the stars?? The possibilities are endless!! And it opens up a whole new world of food options! Let's face it, you get tired of eating freakin La Burrita and pad see ew over and over again. What does Nate feel like eating tonight? Maybe Jack in the Box (50 tacos for $25=legit)? Maybe Palace Korean bbq? Maybe some decent pho place that doesn't give me the runs like pho hoa?
You may be asking, Nate, what is your point with all of this? Patience child, I shall tell you. I think when it comes to blogging, I realize that I post pretty rarely. Twice a month if I (or you) get lucky. And I wonder why this is. I think sometimes I just get tired of writing about my thoughts; it's such a womanly thing to do (no offense). I wish I had more exciting things to write about. I wish I could talk about adventures or funny and exciting stories like my uncles do. A book I'm reading (A million miles in a thousand years) talks about what it means to write a story. Sometimes I wonder if I'm living a life that's worth retelling. Some people say I only have a limited number of stories that I tell to everyone (when I got caught at the cal game, when I let out a really bad fart in my dorm, when my roommate knocked over my bonzai tree without telling me, when I ate the goat food, just to name a few). But really now, who freakin cares about when I farted in my dorm room????
I wanna live a life worth remembering, worth retelling. Be it with "adventures" or roadtrips, or maybe just with relationships... I think I want to be that guy who has a wealth of knowledge because of all the experience he has. Maybe wisdom just comes to people naturally as they go through life, but maybe some people go out and find it. Maybe I'm just a college kid who wants to relish in his freedom. Either way, I want to write a good story with my life... If your life was made into a story, would it be worth telling?


shhhlebain said...

that was my intent too.. to go on adventures with my car.. hasn't happened yet :(

Lily said...


possibilities are endless.

jen said...

an adventure is not the distance traveled. maybe it's about what you choose to acknowledge that has influenced you everyday. it can be about "becoming" rather than phsyically going somewhere. isn't that a whole new world in itself? :)

Bill said...

Good honest thoughts, not being so young (55 - now you will not listen to me, Right? hope I'm wrong). Having been through some adventures (we used to call it making memories). What memories do I cherish the most, what are the adventures that I like remembering. You might use this as a guide in the adventures you seek, car of no car.

1. the day Jesus became my real Lord
2. the guy in the hospital bed in Brazil, who came to know Jesus (1st one God allowed me to lead to Him, I was 16)
3. the day God gave me my soul mate, she is my wife of 34 years
4. The day's my children were born.
5. the day God used me to prevent someone from committing suicide.
6. When God was in it, it made the adventure truly marvelous

The point being, it is not where I have been in my car or my travels, it is what God gave me the privilege of doing while I traveled.

Go see the world and look for those God appointments as you go. The God appointments will be what you remember with relish, not the vistas, as marvelous as they are.