Monday, October 5, 2009

Food, Music, and Compassion

Yes, I know you've been waiting. I am here to inform you, it is here. The Food Blog has arrived! I bet you're pretty excited. This flips the page to a new chapter in my bloglife. I know most food blogs include pictures of food that people have cooked themselves, but I think that's overrated. It's all about food that other people make and you just happen to have a camera around so you take a picture of it. Holla! Although, one of the pictures in this post is something I made myself, can you guess which one it is? It's a toughie, mostly because of my culinary skillz that killz.

(click for bigger pix)

Which one did I make???

So yeah I was thinking about food. And about music. Something about those two things is so intriguing. I mean, God (yeah you knew it would turn into a thing about God) could have made us like plants, just sucking up rays from the sun for our energy. But nah, he made food. What a great idea. And then there's music. I wish I could learn theory. Why is there music? What the eff is music? Why do certain notes just sound right with other notes? Why is music mathematical? Why does it all make sense? Crazy stuff...

So I'm taking a class about human happiness (only at Berkeley!). It's pretty interesting. The professor makes the claim that compassion or love is something that humans have evolved to have; essentially, compassion is an adaptation that enables a given organism to have a better chance of surviving. I actually hate the idea... that one day a caveman said, "Well shizz, when I show compassion to my cavebrotha, I actually have a greater chance of helping my genes pass through the generations!" I like the idea of love as this abstract, nice idea. If compassion is what my professor says it is, does that make it any less significant? Any less beautiful? ehh I dunno.

Just makes me wonder though. If he can reduce something like compassion down to an evolutionary byproduct, what else is up in the air? Does my food just taste good because the homo sapien has developed an affinity for fats and salts because of its scarcity in the evolutionary environment? Is music just a mating call?? What is life??? Who am I????

Yeeeaaaahhh... well I dunno what this post is about. Definitely not an argument for or against evolution, so don't get all butthurt about that kinda stuff. Sometimes it's just interesting hearing things that challenge concepts that you have taken for granted for so long. And I think that's a good thing.

More to come, thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

the fourth one. spam and eggs over rice--typical college food. plus, the others are too complicated/nice. haha jk but im right, huh?

iamkatinthehat said...

I'm bitter about that 2nd picture. That tart was made for me...and I didn't get any. hahah. nate lee i've missed your blogs. write more often OTAY?!

jen l said...

so id guess that you made the pizza, b/c all you would've done was to pop in a frozen safeway pizza into the oven. but then im pretty sure this 'truazngangster's' gonna stick w/ im gonna say u stuck to the motherland w/ the last plate lol

aileen--♥ said...

hahaha eggs and ... pork?
hehe it still looks YUM!!
and defs food for thoughts in yo blog.
that reminds me of francis chan.
and what he says at the beginning of crazy love.
about how we've just. been with God so much.
that the "awe factor" has been reduced to..... just thinking that's how things SHOULD be...
i would have to say... life without God would be VERY confusing. and unsatisfying...
i dont know what the point of my comment is.
but i just wanted to letchu know i read your post. and thought about it...